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Quanzhou, called Zayton (or Zitun in Arabic, which when written in Arabic script can also be pronounced as "zaytun" meaning olive) in ancient times, is located in the southeast coast of China extending towards Fuzhou City on the north and to Xiamen City on the South, facing Taiwan to the East, Quanzhou is one of the tree central cities in Fujian Province and one of the core cities of economic areas on the west coast of the Taiwan Straits.
Quanzhou, a famous historical cultural city, was once “the Biggest Oriental Port” and the starting point of “Maritime Silk Road” in ancient China. The famous Italian traveler Marco Polo described the port city of Zayton as "one of the two greatest havens in the world" and "the Alexandria of the East". As the starting point of the Sea Silk Road, Quanzhou accepted diverse religions including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Manichaeism, which have been coexisting peacefully and harmoniously. It is a first global “World Religions Museum” nominated by UNESCO, and a birthplace of Minnan culture.
Here, the weather is like spring all the year round with magnificent natural landscape of beautiful mountains and rivers, with charming seashore view, with the ancient city going through all the vicissitudes of life, with blue sea and golden beach, rare stones and delicate islet being in southlands of postures, all of which make Quanzhou one of “The Most Beautiful Eight Seashore lines in China.”

Since the reform and opening-up, Quanzhou has tightly grasped the opportunity for development, it became one of the fastest-developed and most vigorous region in Fujian even in the whole country; Quanzhou is now making a positive response to the national developing strategy “One Belt One Road” vigorously to promote the construction of “Anticipation Area for the 21th Century Maritime Silk Road”, based on the cross straits economic cooperation circle, positively build a platform for international cooperation, focusing on the economic trade, industry, finance and culture with the countries in the ASEAN, South Asia, Middle East, Korea and Japan along with the Maritime Silk Road, try to build Quanzhou an anticipate and pilot city in the construction along with Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century.
Canton) in the ninth century.
Weather: The land of Quanzhou has a tropical marine climate and is influenced by the monsoon. As a result, the climate is warm and wet almost all year round with annual average temperatures of about 18 C-20 C (64 F-68 F).

Local languages: Minnan dialect and Mandarin

Quanzhou is the most populated city in Fujian covering an area of 11,015 square kilometers with a population of 8.13 million. City governs 4 districts – Licheng, Fengze, Luojiang, Quangang; 3 county-level cities – Jinjiang, Shishi, Nan’an; 5 counties – Hui’an, An’xi, Yongchun, Dehua, Jinmen and Quanzhou Economic & Technical Development Zone as well as Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Development Zone.

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