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The World Trade Center International Business Club is a prestigious community promoting business cooperation in China and abroad, and the interaction of almost 400 World Trade Centers’ network around the world, WTC Club provides the most comprehensive personalized global services. Its topnotch facilities and the integrated service with New York, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Taipei, London, Dubai, Bahrain and Sao Paulo will revolutionize your international membership experience. Starting from here at WTC Club Quaznhou , your brand new journey around the globe begins – a journey for limitless expansion of wealth and experience. 

Successful business develops owing to constant networking. That is why business communities and clubs are so valuable. The World Trade Center Quanzhou Club is a vivid example of such a platform for business and cultural exchange between the representatives of the business community in China and abroad.

By gathering leaders from international organizations, hotels, and industries such as technology, finance, health, legal, real estate, investment, transportation and media, the WTC Club is able to utilize varieties of expertise to promote the new and sustainable local business opportunities. 

We are mainly concentrating on establishing the trade and social network in the Chinese domestic market at this moment (especially south–east China area and the surroundings), aiming to build a global business social network with all the integrated resources. 

The Club helps in promoting companies on the global markets, it provides informational, counseling and legal assistance as well as various services: 

* Assistance in establishing international ties and contacts: sourcing partners and clients, hiring staff, cooperation with World Trade Centers Association members.
* Organizing Trade Missions: planning and organizing business trips in China and abroad, support for negotiations, participation in international events, logistics.
* Congress and Event Services:  organizing and conducting business meetings; stand construction and design; media support; congress and event management; catering.
* Business Services: rent of meeting rooms and temporary offices, translation services, secretarial services and document management.
* PR and Media Support: advertising and PR campaigns, creation of advertising materials, promotion.
* Office Space Rental: help renting office space, real estate services, professional consultations and legal support.

Our principle is to promote world trade, to build a globalized business platform, to integrate resources from all public, private, and nonprofit sectors, to establish and reinforce connections and services & information sharing among all the WTCs, and to provide the most convenient services for the members with the wide spread network with other countries and organizations.

Members of the WTC International Business Club can use the information and contacts of World Trade Center Association (almost 400 WTCs in 100 countries) for the implementation of business projects and activities. If you become a member of the WTC Quanzhou Club, you get access to the databases of all the WTCs and to all of the most prestigious business clubs around the world. Also you can use services of other WTCs worldwide on special terms and exchange experiences.

One of the advantages of the business community is an opportunity to meet colleagues, partners and establish necessary contacts. The WTC St. Petersburg Club is a community that gathers together participants from different regions and countries.

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