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Economy Belt of Maritime Silk Road2014-08-09
——Chapter1: WTC Quanzhou has never been that close to you

The Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, the important projects of the central government in 2014 and one of six major economic tasks, has important significance in promoting the trade and cultural exchanges among coastal areas. 
As the most important starting point of ancient Maritime Silk Road, Quanzhou actively integrates itself into the strategy of One Belt One Road. According to statistics, Quanzhou has invested and set up 27 representative offices in nations along the Silk Road. Quanzhou is a well-known hometown of overseas Chinese in China. There are 7.91 million Chinese citizens living abroad, 90% of which are living in southeast Asian Silk Road Countries. 
In May 2014, Ms. Huang Shaoping, the municipal party secretary of Quanzhou, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter that the strategy of One Belt One Road is a golden opportunity in accelerating development by leaps and bounds.
Quanzhou is going to pilot in four ways. Expand the multi-cultural exchange of Silk Road ;construction of an open economy focused on Silk Road to promote the liberalization and facilitation of inter-regional trade, establish a more open two-way investment service mechanism, expand the Silk Road national cooperation in the fields of petrochemical, marine equipment, etc.; build Quanzhou as an important access connecting inland areas with Silk Road Route by constructing a interoperability convenient channel; build a Silk Road communication and collaboration platform.
For all of these reasons and background, located at the east sea coast, World Trade Center Quanzhou coincides with these requirements and positioning. Therefore, when told that the Strait News and Quanzhou Municipal Propaganda Department are jointly  launching Top Ten Maritime Silk Road stories selection, WTC Quanzhou actively participate in this activity. Firstly, WTC Quanzhou has the same positioning. Secondly, as a model of high-end modern service, WTC Quanzhou will be more widely known around Fujian by full participation in this event. With aid of WTC Quanzhou, enterprises share resources, information and services with each other , which maximizes the power of network. Through this platform, the small and medium-sized enterprises will gain the maximum support to share international market, international standards, internationalization process with zero distance.
Additional information on WTC Quanzhou, please stay tuned WTC Quanzhou Has Never Been That Close To You series report or Official Accounts on Wechat: WTC Quanzhou . We will share with you inter-regional and cross-border corporate cases. The existence of WTC Quanzhou has gone beyond a institution or a landmark, but a scale to measure the degree of the internationalization and prosperity of a city.

【Profile Interpretation】
In 2006, The World Trade Centers Association headquarters threw olive branch to Quanzhou, and  adopted the decision to establish a World Trade Center in Quanzhou, which became the 1st  international business platform--World Trade Center on the West Coast of Taiwan Straits.
With its advanced manufacturing and active private economy, Quanzhou won the favor of World Trade Center Association headquarter to establish a WTC in Quanzhou, a third-tier city. The introducing of World Trade Center project by the Quanzhou Government has its unique strategic significance. WTCs are usually set up at the generally economically developed areas in the core regions of the world. Evidence shows that a WTC operation anchors the renewal of urban areas, adds value of a real estate and increases the capabilities of the regional trade community.
World Trade Center Quanzhou is located at the CBD in Quanzhou Bay, which is the heart of the Ground Quanzhou and by 5 minutes you can reach the old city of Quanzhou. Whatever you choose by car, airplane or high-speed rail, 30 minutes will be available for all your needs. Its convenience make it a typical advantageous circle of district transportation.
In a mode consisting of iconic properties, global network and integrated services, WTC Quanzhou gives full play to its globalization, networking and interpersonal strengths, which build WTC Quanzhou as a platform connecting world trade and promoting the local enterprises to global market. WTC Quanzhou will be built as a multifunctional complex including 5 A office building, international five-star hotel, international conference center, world trade center business club, the high-end commerce, 5”O” intelligent office space and upscale residential district.
WTCA has more than 15,000 professional staff around the world to provide services for its thousands of business and communities. The global network of WTCA covers more than 300 major cities in nearly 100countries. WTCs share resources, information and services with each other, which maximizes the power of network. A WTC is a two-way channel connecting global market and local business communities. World Trade Center Quanzhou provides integrated international  trade services for local business communities through global resources. World Trade Center Quanzhou will serve as the most important business platform of New Maritime Silk Road and reproduce the prosperity of Oriental First Port.

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